I’m really happy to have studied at PS English.
I am busy with my baby and I have a little time to learn English.
But PS English send me a brilliant teacher when I am free.
Every lesson is so exciting for me!
— Michiko M – housewife (April-October 2013)

— Yoshiyuki Watanabe

PS Englishではとても良質なレッスンを受けることができ、感謝しています。
— Masahiro Matsuura

PS Englishのすばらしい点は、

1 職場や自宅など、レッスンの場所をフレキシブルに設定できること
2 他校に比べ、単価がリーズナブルであること
3 先生の質が高いこと

の3つがあげられると思います。 仕事が忙しい方や予算の制約が厳しい方も、時間を有効活用しつつ、多くのレッス ン数を確保することができます。
また、授業内容についても、会話だけではなく、エッセイの添削等、必要に応じて 親切に対応してもらうことができます。
今では、職場の上司や同僚もPS Englishで学んでおります。
— Student – EK

経営陣、先生共に大変良心的で、フレキシブルに構え、フレンドリーで、押し付け がましいところが全く無く、だからこそ私はかれこれ5年以上同じ先生でお世話に なっているのだと思います。
他の方も書いていますが、自分の必要に応じての指導をしてくださいます。会話 中心の時期あり、発音にこだわる時期あり、レポートやエッセーの添削に終始す る時期あり・・・ そういう多岐にわたる指導の出来る先生方です。ちなみに私は、 日本に居るときもメール指導を受けることがあります。
とにかく楽しい。そして心強い英語の味方がいつも傍にいてくれるっていう感じの スクールで、これから先もまだまだお世話になるつもりです。
— Harumi Hotta

I am extremely lucky that I found this school. If I hadn’t join this school, my English wouldn’t have been this good! Teachers are very supportive and keep encouraging me to carry on my studying. I have got so many compliments on my use Of natural English phrase which were all from my teachers.I have built up so much confidence since I joined this school. You will definitely see the progress!
— Sunghyo Kim

しかし,PS Englishはテキストだけでなく,生徒のレベル・仕事・興味・趣味などに合わせて臨機応変にレッスン内容を変えていくので,学習意欲が継続し,自然に 頭に入ってきます。
— Student- MS

— Hiroshi

— Yuri Hirota

I used PS English to teach for me at my activity camp and they were professional at all times. All the children had great respect for the teachers and improved their English more than I would have hoped. I recommend these service. I can not imagine a more personal service can be given than by Peter who is efficient, friendly, caring and ultra organised.
— Richard

I have finished my job assignment in London and come back to Tokyo three weeks ago.
Now I strongly miss the lessons of PS English, in which I learned a lot of useful expressions to be used on various occasions and also recognized a lot of my misunderstanding on English words.
The students of PS English can create their lessons through their discussion with their teachers. I think it is the most important advantage of PS Englihs. I do hope that as many Japanese in London as possible can enjoy English conversation much better through the lessons PS English.
— Shoichiro Fujita

I have studied at PS english for 2 years. I can assure everybody that this school is great and the best in London.
What I was impressed with is the monitoring way conducted by the principle, Peter. The principle always asks a feedbacks from teachers after each lesson, and also periodically contacts students. Even minor problems are solved soon, and it is a great benefit for students. I think it’s a pity for teachers because they cannot be lazy at anytime!!
I’m sure that the price of PS English is very competitive in London area. I wish I started the same business model in Japan if I get an acceptance from Peter!
— Kosuke Kato

I always had an enjoyable time with my teacher. I really liked a lesson because my teachers are great.
I learned a lot of things from them, including English culture, cooking, manner etc.
— Masayo