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【PS English 講師厳選!⑦】衣服にまつわるビジネス英語 – 使えるイディオム8選!

イギリスのビジネスシーンでよく耳にするイディオム・表現がたくさんあります。このブログでは、PS English 人気講師が洋服にまつわる8つのイディオムを例文とともにご紹介します。

1) At the drop of a hat

Meaning: 「即座に」


Example:  “Our boss will stop working and help someone at the drop of a hat”

2) Have a card up one’s sleeve

Meaning: 「奥の手がある」


Example: “If the company ever tries to fire her, she has a card up her sleeve. She knows about the boss’s dishonest business practices”.

3) To tighten your belt

close-up image of a man in business clothes fastening his belt

Meaning: 「節約する」


Example: “We’re going through a very difficult financial period so we’re going to have tighten our belts for a while”.

4) To be in someone’s shoes 

Meaning: 「誰かの立場に立って」


Example: “Tom’s sales have dropped by 30% this month. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes!”

5) To roll up one’s sleeves

Meaning: (両袖をまくりあげて)「気合いを入れる」「気を引き締める」


Example: “Guys, we have to roll up our sleeves if we’re going to finish this project by the deadline”.

6) Put on one’s thinking cap

Meaning: 「よく考える」「熟考する」


Example: “Now we’ve lost the government contract, we really need to put on our thinking caps to find ways of recovering the lost income”

7) Hot under the collar

Meaning: 「興奮して」「気が動転して」


Example: “The boss was very hot under the collar when the Head of Marketing unexpectedly resigned”

8) All mouth and no trousers

Meaning: 口先ばかりの人のこと


Example: “He’s always talking about the great sales contacts he has in Italy but we’ve never seen any sales from there, I think he’s all mouth and no trousers!” 

PS Englishでは、より自然な英語を話せるように、ネイティブスピーカーの講師が今回ご紹介したような使える英語・表現をマンツーマンでお教えします!