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PS Teachers – Meet our teachers! ⑥


PS Englishには、60名を超える経験豊富な英語講師がおり、無料コンサルテーション後、校長ピーター自らが各生徒さんにぴったり合った講師をお選びします。


Name: Dana Grant


Qualification: TEFL

Teaching expertise: Exam preparation,
English for Business and Special purposes/interests

Q: What do I love about teaching English: 

A. Meeting people from diverse cultures. Love looking at how language works and at different ways of approaching the learning process.

Q: What is your connection with Japan and teaching Japanese people?

A. Have taught and keep in touch with many Japanese students. 

Really hope to visit one day- interested in the art, style and culture. 

Q: What do you do when you are not teaching?

A. I love walking in beautiful surroundings, swimming in the sea, reading, cooking, origami and playing guitar.

PS Englishでは、ロンドン・イギリスだけでなく、オンラインで世界中に拠点を置く日本人の皆様を対象に、英会話教育を行っています。より自然な英語を話せるように、ネイティブスピーカーの講師がマンツーマンでレッスンを行います。