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PS Teachers – Meet our teachers! ④


PS Englishには、60名を超える経験豊富な英語講師がおり、無料コンサルテーション後、校長ピーター自らが各生徒さんにぴったり合った講師をお選びします。


Name: Lee Prescott


Qualification: Cambridge CELTA and also Cambridge DELTA

Teaching expertise: Pronunciation, Speaking, IELTS, and Business

Q; Which TV shows and movies do you recommend for our students?
A: Anything which you would watch in Japanese. If you wouldn’t watch it in your first language it will be a nightmare to watch it in a second language.

Q: What do you love about teaching English?
A: Seeing people gain confidence and watching them see the world through a new filter.

Q: What is your connection with Japan and teaching Japanese people?
A: Lived in Tokyo for a year and married to a Japanese woman.

Q: What do you do when you are not teaching?
A: Playing pool, reading (UK history, economics, business, fiction), watching movies, yoga, gym.

Name: Amy Dadarria

Qualification: CELTA

Teaching expertise: Strong in Business as well as General English due to many years in Financial Services and other industries.

Q: TV shows and movies recommended for students: A: I believe in recreational watching for enjoyment, so I never discourage students’ choices, such as Friends or Heroes. However, I usually recommend finding YouTube channels that have topics or stories of interest to students. These videos tend to be between 10-20 minutes, a perfect length to hold one’s attention, yet feel one has achieved some learning.

– Big Think (talks by famous people and/or intellectuals, such as Richard Branson/Steven Pinker)
– Vice (mini news and documentaries)
– Seeker (science questions)
– Cold Fusion (business)

Ted talks and TedEd are really good too.

Q: What do I love about teaching English: A: I love teaching English because I know it is a skill that will help my student for the rest of their life, not just now. I love it when I’ve managed to simplfy soething that has consude mt student, and I can almost see rhat lightbulb going off in my students’ mind.

Q: What is your connection with Japan and teaching Japanese people? A: Mostly through PS English. I’ve been to Tokyo for two on business many years ago.

Q: What do I do when not teaching: A: Dog walking, jewelry making, tennis, on-line courses in almost any subject through