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PS English recent tweets: Everyday English for conversations. Natural English and common errors

A summary of our recent tweets about everyday English for your conversations. We hope it’s useful! Follow us @peterbpsenglish

お休み ”It’s Sunday. Enjoy your holiday!” ✖  Sunday = every week, the same situation: no going to the office

“Holiday” 特別のお休みのみ

  • “It’s Sunday. Enjoy your DAY OFF!” ✔

A: “It’s Monday. Aren’t you going to work?” 

B: “No, I’ve taken a day’s holiday.” ✔


暑いよ!British people like to complain about the weather.

too hot <–> too cold

How else to say “it’s very hot”:

  • It’s boiling hot.
  • It’s scorching hot.
  • It’s baking.
  • Skorchio! (This word was invented by a popular 90’s sketch show


Of course, in Japan, but not in the UK, it will soon be 蒸し暑い

  • It’s so humid.
  • It’s so muggy.
  • It’s such sultry weather.
  • The weather’s very hot and close. (‘close’ can also mean ‘humid’)


文法のミス It’s so nice day ✖ 

such +(形容詞) +(冠詞) +名詞 → It’s SUCH a nice DAY today ✔ 

It’s SUCH nice WEATHER✔ so +形容詞 → It’s SO nice today ✔


ナチュラルな英語 「長時間労働」 I work for a long time. ✖ 


  • I have long working hours. ✔ 
  • I work long hours. ✔ 


表現のミス 「ツアーで行く」 to go to a tour ✖ 

  • to go ON a tour ✔ 
  • ALSO go on a cruise go on a (business) ✔
  • trip go on holiday ✔


Common error 「選ぶ」= pick up ✖  赤ペンを選んだ

  • I picked out the red pen ✔ 
  • I picked the red one ✔ 
  • I chose the red one ✔ 
  • I picked up the red one = 手に取った


Common error 「時計を盗まれた」 I was stolen my watch ✖ 

  • My watch was stolen ✔ 
  • I had my watch stolen ✔ 
  • Someone stole my watch ✔

会話の返事 「まったくその通りです」 問題などについての意見を表して

A: “The biggest problem we are facing is xxx.”

B: “That’s ABSOLUTELY/QUITE right.” (“You are…” も可)

“This is IT.”

“You can say THAT again.”



会話の返事 昔の出来事に対して “…must have been…”を使えそう!

A: “I lived in Japan for 5 years.”

B: “Oh wow! That MUST HAVE BEEN interesting.” 面白かったに違いない


A: “I broke my leg as a child.”

B: “Oh dear. That MUST HAVE BEEN terrible.” 大変だったことでしょう