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PS Englishの人気講師エマによる、様々な場面で役立つ『自然なイギリス英語』シリーズ第3弾。

Zoomのようなオンライン・ビデオ通話プラットフォームの普及により、コミュニケーション・エチケットが進化したことは、皆さんも同意していただけると思います。「please unmute yourself」や「is that a legacy hand?」のような10年前には存在しなかったフレーズを、今では世界中の何百万人もの人が日常的に使うようになりました。すっかり新しい常識になっていますよね。


(1) Checking Attendance  出欠の確認

  • Who else are we expecting? (neutral)
  • Let me check the participants list. (neutral)
  • Send him / her the link. (neutral)
  • Can you add (name) as a participant? (neutral)
  • (Name) sends their apologies (neutral) – ‘told me they are unable to attend’

(2) Joining a Zoom Meeting  オンラインミーティングへの参加時

  • There are two invites and I was in the other meeting room. Sorry about that. (neutral)
  • Sorry, I had some technical problems. (neutral)
  • I need to log out and rejoin on another device. (neutral)
  • I’m just logging on. (informal)
  • Does anyone mind if we record the meeting? (neutral)

(3) Technical Problems 技術的な問題が発生した時

  • My computer crashed so I’m joining with my mobile phone. (neutral)
  • We can’t hear you. (neutral)
  • You’re on mute. (neutral) – ‘your online microphone is switched off’
  • Please unmute yourself. (neutral) – ‘turn your online microphone on’
  • Switch to ‘gallery view’. (neutral)
  • Switch to ‘speaker view’. (neutral)

(4) Viewing Visual Content  資料などの共有

  • Switch to ‘focus on content’. (neutral)
  • Please share the screen. (neutral)
  • Can everybody read that? (neutral)
  • It’s too small. (neutral)
  • Can you zoom in on the content? (neutral) – phrasal verb ‘to zoom in on something’ = to make the visuals larger

(5) Contributing to the Meeting 会議の進行など

  • (Name) will be monitoring the chat. (neutral)
  • Please use the raised hand function. (neutral) – ‘put your virtual hand up’
  • (Name) you have your hand up. (neutral)
  • (Name) would you like to go next? (neutral)
  • Is that a new hand or a legacy hand? (neutral) ‘new hand’ = a new point you want to discuss; ‘legacy hand’ = a point you have already discussed
  • When you have finished please lower your hand. (neutral) – ‘put your virtual hand down’
  • You can put any questions in the chat. (neutral)
  • Please can you all mute yourselves? (neutral)

(6) Formal Zoom Meetings フォーマルなオンライン会議

  • (Name) will be minuting this meeting. (neutral) ‘minute’ = take formal notes to capture all discussions that take place, including the agreed actions.
  • For the purposes of the minutes, please can you repeat that? (formal)
  • Would anyone who wishes to unmute like to join us in (e.g. singing happy birthday to (name) / reading the text on the screen / giving a big round of applause to / congratulating (name) on their achievement.) (neutral)

(7) Organising the Next Meeting 次回の会議について

  • The next meeting will be on (date) and the meeting invite will follow. (neutral)
  • For the next meeting, you should use the same meeting link as now because it’s a recurring meeting. (neutral) ‘recurring meeting’ = online meeting set up to be at the same time, using the same log in details, every week

(8) Staying In the Meeting Room After the Meeting Ends 終了後、会議室にとどまる場合

  • (Name) can you stay on after the meeting? (neutral) – phrasal verb ‘to stay on’ = to remain
  • (Name), could I speak to you after the meeting? (neutral)
  • (Name) are you OK to stay on the call after the meeting? (neutral)



PS English 講師 エマ

PS Englishでは、より自然な英語を話せるように、ネイティブスピーカーの講師が今回ご紹介したような使える英語・表現をマンツーマンでお教えします!