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PS Teachers – Meet our teachers! ⑤


PS Englishには、60名を超える経験豊富な英語講師がおり、無料コンサルテーション後、校長ピーター自らが各生徒さんにぴったり合った講師をお選びします。


Name: Alice Watts


Qualification: CELTA

Q: What is your teaching expertise?

A: -General English, including conversation
-English for Exams – IELTS, Eiken, IGCSE, etc
-English for Academic Purposes
-Business English
-Teaching adult beginners

Q: TV shows and movies recommended for students: A: There’s so many great options! Find something you really enjoy.
You can begin with English versions of movies you already know well in your mother tongue – perhaps Disney films, or Studio Ghibli dubs.

Or you can try some of the many excellent series on Netflix – The Crown, Breaking Bad, or Stranger Things.
Subtitles are ok, but make sure you listen while you read.

And lastly, don’t forget soap operas, like East Enders or Neighbours.
The over-the-top acting and simple language is great for learning without concentrating too hard. You’ll be addicted in no time!

Q: What do I love about teaching English: A: It is the next best thing to actually travelling. I can meet people from all over the world and hear about different experiences and opinions.
I enjoy helping people improve their English so that they can reach their goals, whether for study, business, or living comfortably in Britain.

Q: What is your connection with Japan and teaching Japanese people? A: I decided to learn Japanese in high school when I fell in love with the Japanese anime, Sailor Moon!
I have visited Japan several times, adore the food, and love Japanese design and minimalism.
I love learning about Japanese culture, especially concepts like wabi-sabi and ikigai that enrich my life.

Q: What do I do when not teaching: A: I love reading, cooking, watching films and television, studying Spanish, and running.

Name: Nicola Cousins


Qualification: Cambridge TEFL

Q; What is your teaching expertise?
A: Working with Japanese legal professionals. Teaching children attending UK schools and women at home adapting to life in a foreign country.
I focus on learning through conversation and have taught using course books with students preparing for all levels of exams for entry into University and Business school

Q: What do you love about teaching English?
A: I really enjoy teaching and learning languages. I like working with people.

Q: What is your connection with Japan and teaching Japanese people?
A: I have a Japanese sister-in-law and nephew. I have been to Japan. I have worked for PS English for 20 years

Q: What do you do when you are not teaching?
A: I love eating, cooking and all aspects of food and nutrition. I walk. do pilates, read, garden and love travelling.