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有名なイギリスのイディオムと言えば、”It’s raining cats and dogs”(豪雨だ)を思い浮かべる人が多いのではないでしょうか。でも、実際イギリス人に聞いてみると、このイディオムを使う人はほとんどいないのです。

ここでは英語の教科書でよく見るイディオムだけでなく、実際にイギリス人がよく使うイディオムをご紹介。PS English 校長ピーターからのコメントを参考に、状況に合わせて使いこなしてください!

① “Break a leg!” 「幸運を祈る」「頑張れ」

ピーター:?good especially for someone who is acting / performing.

例文:Danny’s family told him to “break a leg” right before he went up on stage.

② “Bob’s your uncle” 「大丈夫!」「簡単だよ」

ピーター:Understand the meaning but no need to use

例文:You fit this part in here and then press this button, and Bob’s your uncle, the job is done.

③ “The cat’s out of the bag.” 「(ついうっかり)秘密を漏らす」


例文:I was trying to keep the party a secret, but she went and let the cat out of the bag.

Oops, the cat’s out of the bag!

④ “It’s all gone pear-shaped.” 「状況が悪化する」「失敗する」


例文:We started well, top of the table, but it all went pear-shaped and we lost five matches in a row.

⑤ “To have a chinwag.” 「おしゃべりをする」

ピーター:good but don’t recommend for non native speaker

例文:We had a good chinwag over a bottle of wine.

⑥ “To be in a pickle.” 「困った状況にある」

ピーター:good but don’t recommend for non-native speakers

例文:Alice is definitely in a pickle as she didn’t meet her last month’s sales target. Source:

I’m in a pickle…

⑦ “To be as fit as a fiddle.” 「とても元気」「ぴんぴんしている」


例文:My grandmother’s 89, but she’s as fit as a fiddle.

⑧ “To have a stiff upper lip.” 「何事にも動じない」


例文:Despite the failure of the team to qualify for the world cup, the coach and the players kept a stiff upper lip.

⑨ “To be as happy as Larry.” 「とても幸せ」

ピーター:we don’t use in daily conversation

例文:After watching his team win the baseball game, my father was as happy as Larry.

⑩ “To go down like a lead balloon.” 「(冗談が)全くウケない」


例文:My joke about the alcoholic went down like a lead balloon.

⑪ “The bee’s knees” 「一流の・最高の」

ピーター:It’s fine to use if you are saying someone is arrogant and thinks he is the “bee’s knees”

例文:Have you tried this ice cream? It’s the bee’s knees, it really is.

The bee’s knees



PS Englishでは、より自然な英語を話せるように、ネイティブスピーカーの講師陣が今回ご紹介したような使える英語・表現をマンツーマンでお教えします!