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【PS English 講師厳選!①】ビジネスの場で役立つ、動物を使った英語表現をご紹介!





1)   The elephant in the room

意味: 誰もが気づいているが、誰もオープンに議論したがらないデリケートな問題や課題。

例:“The company’s financial troubles were the elephant in the room at the board meeting”

2)   A leopard can’t change its spots

意味: 性格を変えることは不可能だ

例: “ I tried to persuade the boss to try my new idea but he wasn’t interested, oh well, I suppose a leopard can’t change its spots!”

3)   One-trick pony


意味: その人が得意とする能力や資質がひとつしかない場合

例: “Bob’s a one trick pony, his answer to everything is to cut costs!”

4)   The lion’s share

意味: 何かの最大の部分を持つこと

例: “The CEO gets the lion’s share of the company’s annual bonuses”

5)   Cat on a hot tin roof

意味: 緊張や不安でじっとしていられない、集中できない

: “The sales manager was like a cat on a hot tin roof until the big contract from the US finally arrived!”

6)   Let sleeping dogs lie

意味: 面倒になりそうなことはそっとしておく、事を荒立てない

例: “I had a big argument with IT about the computer problem last week, it’s still a problem but it’s probably best to let sleeping dogs lie”

7)   Take the bull by the horns

Cowboy Terry Evison brings a bull down in a rodeo

意味: 困難な状況に勇敢かつ断固とした態度で立ち向かうこと。

例: “The Amsterdam branch are constantly making excuses about their poor sales performance, I think we need to take the bull by the horns and close the branch down.”

8)   Hold your horses

意味: 忍耐強く、決断を急がない。落ち着いて!

例: “Hold your horses! We need to further discuss the project before we commit to such a huge investment”

9)   Watch something like a hawk

意味: 何かを注意深く観察する

Example: “The business environment is extremely difficult at the moment, we need to watch our competitors like a hawk to know exactly what they’re doing.”

 10) A fish out of water

意味: 特定の状況や環境において、居心地の悪さや場違いさを感じること。場違い。

例: “I’ve felt like a fish out of water since moving here from the London branch, I just can’t get used to the different culture and work style”

11) Kill two birds with one stone

意味: 一石二鳥

例: “So we can go to the conference and visit our client on the same day and so kill two birds with one stone.”

12)  A sitting duck

意味: 攻撃や危険に対して無防備であること。だましやすい人。

例: “The company’s outdated online security system made them a sitting duck for the cyber attack that cost them millions of pounds to fix.”


PS Englishでは、より自然な英語を話せるように、ネイティブスピーカーの講師が今回ご紹介したような使える英語・表現をマンツーマンでお教えします!