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【PS English 講師厳選!④】体の部位を含むビジネス英語イディオム10選



1) Word of mouth

Meaning: 口コミ、人が会話を通じて情報を共有すること

Example: Due to our very high quality standards, most of our customers are through word of mouth 

2) See eye to eye

Meaning: 意見が一致すること

Example: The senior management all see eye to eye on the new marketing strategy

3) Hands are tied

Meaning: 自分の思うように自由に行動できない (規制や立場上など)

Example: “I’m very sorry that you’re not happy with our service, but my hands are tied, there’s nothing more I can do

4) Have a finger in every pie

Meaning: 色々なことに関与する、首を突っ込む

Example:  Everywhere Corporation have a finger in every pie: they’re involved in everything from food manufacturing to IT and children’s toys

5) A shot in the arm

Meaning: 突然の援助(通常は金銭的なもの)

Example: Our company had big cash-flow problems for some time, but we were given a shot in the arm by some foreign investors who saw the potential in the UK market

6) A knee-jerk reaction

Meaning: 何も考えずに衝動的に反応すること

Example: Making 50% of the workforce redundant was a knee-jerk reaction to the poor financial result for fiscal year 2023.

7) On the back of…

Meaning: 外的要因の結果として成功すること。

Example: Our IT company has done well on the back of the increase in internet speed

8) Our lips are sealed!

Meaning:  秘密保持の約束

Example: “Oh don’t worry, until the press release announcing the merger our lips are sealed!”

9) A kick in the teeth

Meaning: 深刻な、しばしば屈辱的な、または損害を与える打撃。

Example: It was a real kick in the teeth when we lost the government contract we’ve had for over 10 years

10) To have a nose for

Meaning: 成功する方策や戦略に対する優れた直感を持つこと。

Example: “You know Max has an excellent nose for a good opportunity, he’s been right on a number of occasions

PS Englishでは、より自然な英語を話せるように、ネイティブスピーカーの講師が今回ご紹介したような使える英語・表現をマンツーマンでお教えします!