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【PS English 講師厳選!②】海や航海に関連する使えるビジネス英語イディオム/表現10選




イギリスのビジネスシーンでもよく耳にする、使えるビジネス英語のイディオムをPS Englishの講師が厳選。今日はその中のトップ10をご紹介します!

1) Rock the boat 

意味: To do or say something that will upset people or cause problems(人を怒らせたり、問題を引き起こすようなことをしたり言ったりすること。)

例文: “I don’t think we should rock the boat until the negotiations are finished.”

2) Same boat

意味: To be in the same difficult situation as someone else (誰かと同じ困難な状況に置かれること)

例文: “It’s very difficult for the whole sector at the moment, we’re all in the same boat.”

3) Smooth sailing

意味: A situation where success is achieved without difficulties.(困難なく成功する状況)

例文: “Once our largest competitor went out of business, it was smooth sailing, business boomed!”

4) Run a tight ship

意味: Manage an organization strictly, efficiently, and effectively.(組織を厳格に、効率的に、効果的に管理すること)

例文 : “That new manager is very organized; he certainly seems to be running a tight ship.”

5) All hands on deck

*deck = デッキ

意味: A call to action means that everyone must assist in resolving a problem or addressing a situation. (行動への呼びかけ:問題の解決や状況への対処に全員が協力しなければならないことを意味する。)

例文: We only have two days until the deadline everybody so, all hands on deck!”

6) Make waves

意味: Cause turmoil or trouble in an organisation. (組織の混乱やトラブルを引き起こすこと)

例文: “Look, the CEO has already committed the company to the takeover deal. If you start raising issues with it now, you will only make waves and cause him difficulty in finalizing the deal.”

7) On board

意味: Part of a crew (workers on a boat/ship) or team. (乗組員(船で働く人)やチームの一員)

例文: “We should invite Anita to join us on the project. Do you think she would like to come on board?”

8) Sink or swim

意味: Either fail (sink) or succeed (swim) in an endeavor or task.(努力や仕事において、失敗する(沈む)か、成功する(泳ぐ)か。)

例文: The company is thinking about investing all it’s cash in the Paris project to avoid bankruptcy. It certainly looks like a sink or swim situation for them.”

9) Dead in the water

意味: This expression describes a situation where no further progress is being made, and the activity has come to an unproductive end. (この表現は、それ以上の進展がなく、活動が非生産的な終わりを迎えている状況を表す。)

例文: We tried really hard to make the US subsidiary work but to be honest it’s dead in the water, we’re going to close it down.”

10) Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship

意味: An idiom that means people are leaving/abandoning a disgraced or failing activity or organisation. (不祥事を起こした、あるいは失敗した活動や組織から、人々が去っていく/見捨てていくことを意味する。)

例文: Once the news got around that the company was in big trouble, employees starting leaving like rats deserting a sinking ship!”


PS Englishでは、より自然な英語を話せるように、ネイティブスピーカーの講師が今回ご紹介したような使える英語・表現をマンツーマンでお教えします!