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Providing private English lessons since 2001

Since 2001, PS English has been providing private English lessons to non-native speakers in London and beyond. As a school of English in London, we specialise in private lessons – both face-to-face and online.

1 to 1 lessons can bridge that gap most effectively by maximizing the speaking time available just for you and focusing on your specific requirements. Over the years, hundreds of PS English students have reported an improvement in their speaking and listening skills and their confidence and a huge boost to the enjoyment and success of their English speaking life. Group lessons simply cannot have the same effect.

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What Our Students Say

My teacher is very diligent and tries to improve my English by focusing on my weakness. In addition, her teaching is so attractive that I can enjoy the lessons very much. Compared to other teachers, I think she is very professional and her way of teaching is quite easy to understand. I guess this is because she used to be a teacher at infant school.

EN (2016)

It was really great for me to have your English lessons in PS English. Thank you very much for your great supports What I learned here (not only English but also London’s history, business, world news, communication with non-Japanese and so on…) could bring some additional intangible assets to me, and I hope to utilise those assets in Japan.

RK - 会社員 (2014)

My wife and I went to London to spend our holidays and improve our English, and although we are not Japanese we contacted PSE. We have to say that we are very happy with the results and the performance of our teachers. Peter interviewed as in order to agree our needs and goals and after that he made an excellent choice of two teacher for us.

Both of them were excellent and not only we learn a lot but we spend a great time during our lessons (thanks Tuan and David).

If we have the chance to come back to London again to improve our English, we have no doubt we will contact Peter again.

Francesc (2016)

I have studied at PS English for 2 years. I can assure everybody that this school is great and the best in London. What I was impressed with is the monitoring way conducted by the principle, Peter. The principle always asks a feedbacks from teachers after each lesson, and also periodically contacts students. Even minor problems are solved soon, and it is a great benefit for students. I think it’s a pity for teachers because they cannot be lazy at any time!! I’m sure that the price of PS English is very competitive in London area. I wish I started the same business model in Japan if I get an acceptance from Peter!


I really thanked to PS English so much for introducing me my teacher. The initial lesson was so wonderful.  I was so surprised with the lesson content relating to the points I am learning in the master course at my university.   Her knowledge is very abundant and I was so astonished with her knowledge. My teacher advised me about how to learn English quite appropriately based on my condition/level.  This approach motivated me very effectively.   I am so exciting to have the next lesson.


MN (2015)

I enjoyed the first lesson with my teacher.
Good points….I was able to learn to speak accurately with good pronunciation.
Kim taught me how to study English by myself. She corrected my English mistakes.
Bad points….nothing.

KM (2016)

It was worth taking the classes. My teacher is a very good teacher and an incredible person. I really enjoyed the course with her. She is actually one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Looking forward to repeating again next year.


BM (August 2017)