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1-to-1 Lessons

Tailor-made private lessons are the most effective and quickest way to improve your English!

Private 1-to-1 lessons are the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve your English speaking and listening skills. Students who have attended group English lessons in the past constantly report back to us that private lessons have been much more successful.

Our extensive experience with non-native students of English will help your English to improve even more!

The education system of some countries seems geared towards improving grammar and writing skills but students often find themselves lacking in fluency and confidence and unable to hold a natural conversation. A private teacher can enable you to work on these communication skills in a relaxed and friendly environment with no fear of making mistakes!

Conversely, certain countries produce fluent English speakers but who lack grammatical accuracy. If you need to polish your English in this regard, we can help.

Your teacher can prepare a personal plan for you based on your goals, interests and English level. Some of our students often ask us to focus on speaking and listening because they feel that they are their weak points. English conversation has always been the main priority. But we also teach writing skills, pronunciation and all the major exams including Cambridge FCE & CAE, IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT. We also have teachers who specialise in improving your academic or business speaking skills so that you can articulate complex ideas in English with greater ease, clarity and sophistication.

Flexible Service – You can learn at your favourite place and time!

You tell us when and where you want to study. This can range from your office to your home to the teacher’s home to a convenient public place. We will do our very best to match your requirements.

2-1 Lessons

You can also take private face to face lesson with your friends/family.

Lessons are a fantastic way to study English with a family member, friend or colleague without losing the advantages of a private lesson. Please approach us directly with your intended 2-1 partner and we will meet both of you to assess your English and agree with you whether your levels and lesson goals are suitable for a 2-1 lesson. We don’t usually match individuals ourselves for 2-1 lessons as our experience tells us that the lessons work much better with students who know each other already. The lesson plans will be very similar as for private 1-1 lessons but the teacher will ensure that both students have plenty of opportunity to speak.

You can save a fee much more if you have the lesson with other!
We will charge you just an additional £7 per hour.  So example, a basic off-peak lesson for 2 people will be £52 in total (£26 per person), while the standard rate for a 1-1 lesson is £45 per person.

Want to have the lesson with more than 2 people?

If you also want to have a lesson with your friends/family/co-workers with one more person (meaning 3 or more), please do not hesitate to contact us!

Lesson Venue

You tell us when and where you want to learn English and we will do our very best to find the most suitable teacher for you at the right time and in the right place. We work around you!.

The location of the lesson is also completely flexible. The majority of the lessons take place in your house, your office or the teacher’s house.

However, when necessary, we can organise lessons in convenient and comfortable public places such as the Barbican Centre or the Royal Festival Hall.

No charge for teacher travel expenses within Zones 1-4.

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We offer a completely FREE assessment & consultation.

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What Our Students Say

I have studied at PS English for 2 years. I can assure everybody that this school is great and the best in London. What I was impressed with is the monitoring way conducted by the principle, Peter. The principle always asks a feedbacks from teachers after each lesson, and also periodically contacts students. Even minor problems are solved soon, and it is a great benefit for students. I think it’s a pity for teachers because they cannot be lazy at any time!! I’m sure that the price of PS English is very competitive in London area. I wish I started the same business model in Japan if I get an acceptance from Peter!


I have finished my job assignment in London and come back to Tokyo three weeks ago. Now I strongly miss the lessons of PS English, in which I learned a lot of useful expressions to be used on various occasions and also recognised a lot of my misunderstanding on English words. The students of PS English can create their lessons through their discussion with their teachers. I think it is the most important advantage of PS English. I do hope that as many Japanese in London as possible can enjoy English conversation much better through the lessons PS English.


My wife and I went to London to spend our holidays and improve our English, and although we are not Japanese we contacted PSE. We have to say that we are very happy with the results and the performance of our teachers. Peter interviewed as in order to agree our needs and goals and after that he made an excellent choice of two teacher for us.

Both of them were excellent and not only we learn a lot but we spend a great time during our lessons (thanks Tuan and David).

If we have the chance to come back to London again to improve our English, we have no doubt we will contact Peter again.

Francesc (2016)

I’ve finished all my lessons with Helen & Fiona last week.

Every lesson made my life in England more exciting and cozy.

I’ve learned “How to be a good British” from them!!

Thank you, PS English.

In Japan, I would miss the days when I had a great time.


Kaoru Osawa (June 2016)

I am Ichiro Ishizaki and I am said to be one of the most organized students you

Anyway, I will finish my English lessons with Helen in your school next week.

I have been studying English with Helen for about 3 years and 6 months at your school!

I am very very grateful for your school and your business.

I hope your English business will be more successful in the future.

Many thanks for your kindness again.

I wish you could come to Tokyo someday and I might ask you to tell me about what I couldn’t understand English Culture yet in the future.

Ichiro Ishizaki. (February 2016)