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Teacher FAQs

+How does the teacher selection work?

When you have a free assessment & consultation, or discuss your situation via email/phone, we will listen to your purpose for leaning English, your goals and any needs or specific requests you may have. Based on this information, we will then try to allocate the best available teacher to match your requirements.

You can contact us to book a free assessment & consultation by clicking here.

+Can I change the teacher after starting lessons?

Yes. You can change your teacher. However, as a general rule, we do not freely re-allocate new teachers on a regular basis. Changing the teacher is for when you are dissatisfied with the current situation, or for when you want a new approach or different style of lesson.

You can read more about our guarantee to our students here.

+What kind of background or qualification the teachers have?

All of our teachers have a certificate for teaching English to non-native speakers, and at a university degree holders at the very least. Many have also lived and worked overseas so understand the challenges of living in a foreign country.

You can read more about our teachers here.

+Are teachers all British native speakers?

Most teachers are British native speakers.  There are a few non-British, but all of them are native English speakers and most non-British teachers graduated from British universities.

Lesson FAQs

+What kind of lesson can I take?

Our lessons are basically tailor-made.  In other words, according to your goal and aims, you can customize the contents to suit your needs.  Based on your comments and requirements in the free assessment & consultation, we then carefully select the best available teacher and make an offer to you.

+What is the typical lesson length?

Typical lesson lasts 90 min or 2 hours.

You can read about the structure of a typical lesson here.

+How flexible are lessons?

You can give us your preferred time(s) and day(s). We will try our best to pair you with a teacher(s) at this time. Some teachers have a teaching timetable that allocates you a certain time slot each week, based on your preference of time and day. Some other teachers do have slightly more flexibility and might be able to switch days when a prior engagement forces you to cancel a lesson.

+Can I have a lesson for 60 minute, not 90 minutes? Why is that 90 minutes or 2 hours?

Yes. But basically we recommend to have a lesson that lasts at least 90 minutes since we feel a 60-minute lesson is not long enough to make an impact.

+Can I have a group lesson?

Our service is basically for 1-to-1 lessons.  You can have a lesson with your friend/family or co-worker, up to 2 people including yourself.  If you wish to consider lessons for 3 people, please contact us.

+Do you have Eikaiwa lessons for Japanese speakers?

Yes, for our Japanese clients, we can offer an Eikaiwa lesson which focuses mainly on spoken English conversation.

Venue FAQs

+Where can I have a lesson?

You can select the venue, such as at your home, at the teacher’s house, at your office or at a public venue (e.g. a café). All venues are within London.

You can read more about this here.

+I am living outside London, does my teacher come to my place?

If you live within the Greater London area, but outside Zones 1-4, there will be an additional fee for teacher travel. If you live outside London or the UK, we recommend an online lesson.

If you want to know more details, please contact us.

+Can I have a lesson in public place?

Yes, you can. We will try to select a quiet public venue.

+Can I take a lesson at the venues for the consultation meetings?

Unfortunately, these venues are just for consultation meetings and not used for teaching

Cancellation FAQs

+Can I cancel a lesson at any time I like?

Yes.  But a cancellation charge may be applied for cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice.  When you join PS English, you will be sent a copy of our terms and conditions.

Billing/Payment FAQs

+How can I pay the tuition fee?

You can pay the fee using most British and international debit/credit cards. You can also pay by bank transfer. Cash payment at the office is also possible.

If you want to know more details, please contact us.

+If I cancel all the remaining lessons, can I get refund?

Yes. 75% refund available at all times for any reasons.

For more information, please check terms and conditions.

+What kind of admin fee do I have to pay?

If you are a new student, initially you will have to pay admin fee as a one-off payment.

+Can I pay the tuition fee in installments even if I choose a discount pre-package price?

Unfortunately no. Pre-package deals must be paid upfront at the start of a new block of lessons.

+Can I share my lesson credit with another member of my family?

Yes, you can. Or with work colleagues.

Other FAQs

+Do you provide a Home Stay Service?

Unfortunately, no.

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