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Types of Private English lesson

We teach a range of students with a diverse background of interests and motivations for studying English. Here are some of the types of private English lessons that we can provide, either exclusively or as a combined package with general English.

You can also decide the frequency of lessons. The most popular choice is one lesson per week, but for if short-term intensive lessons are preferable, this can be arranged.

For any specific query you may have, please email us.

General English

We can provide functional English lessons to ease the stress of communicating in English for everyday life.

This may take many forms, from gaining confidence with basic interactions to more complex situations. For example:

  • Shopping and eating, including how to complain
  • Visiting the doctor
  • Chatting with other mums and teachers during the school run
  • Small talk with people at social gatherings

Business English

One of our biggest student groups is businesspeople who have been seconded to London.

We always say to our business students that Business English is not just about studying business words and phrases. Of course it is important to be on top of your area of business and to have the ability to discuss your field with native speakers, but it is also crucial to feel comfortable in specific business situations such as presentations and negotiations. Many students also have huge problems speaking and listening to English on the telephone; others need to improve grammatical accuracy. We can help you with all these typical problems regardless of your country of origin.

However, from our experience with business students, one of their major problems is something that most English schools don’t deal with in their Business English lessons. This is the ability to hold social conversations and make “small talk” in a business environment. This skill can be crucial in establishing and maintaining business relationships. The ability to discuss British culture or the latest news or the latest big football result can be just as important as the ability to speak English in the office and we can help you with this social and cultural side of business as well. And we will help you outside of your business role as well if that’s important to you, such as giving you the right English to deal with challenges of daily life in London.

Culture & News

Many students want to practise conversation skills around more serious topics that are hitting the headlines. Alternatively, you may wish to talk about UK culture or the latest trends in London. We can cater for all interests and help you express your ideas on these topics more clearly and fluently.

Internationally recognised English Exams (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, etc.)

If you need help to prepare for an exam, we can help. The most common assistance we provide is for the following exams:

  • Cambridge Exams (including FCE and CAE)

Coping with School

For our younger learners, we can provide 1 to 1 lessons that support understanding of English in their school setting. It may be help with tackling new vocabulary given as homework from school, or practice with listening skills, so that your child can better understand spoken instructions given at school during lessons.

Something a bit different…

At PS English, we like to experiment with new ideas and ways to engage with students. We can offer as part of a package of lessons the opportunity to venture out into the community and put acquired skills to the test.

If you are interested in art, for example, we can arrange a lesson to take place with your teacher in a gallery so that you have the opportunity to practise your conversational English in authentic settings, as you would do back at home with your friends.

Another example would be a guided walk with one of our teachers who has knowledge of the local history. You can walk, talk and integrate your historical and cultural knowledge with your English speaking ability.

We are always open to suggestions to taking lessons outside the standard ‘classroom’.

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