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PS English has 60+ English teachers. They are experienced professional teachers to non-English native speakers.

Below is a list of some of our current members of staff. This is not an exhaustive list, but offers a feel for the kind of English tutors that work for us.

In summary, they are native speakers of English, with the majority from the UK. They have university degrees and qualifications for teaching EFL students. Many also have careers in industry and the arts, making for fruitful discussions with students about business matters and cultural issues. Feedback from past students has often focused on the benefits of having a teacher with knowledge of a separate field of work. In such cases, a blend of formal English language instruction with shared ideas from other backgrounds can lead to motivating and meaningful learning.

We also offer a teacher guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the choice of teacher, we will offer an alternative arrangement.

Teacher Profiles

We would like to introduce some teachers below for your reference:

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Gemma Buttimer

  • A highly qualified teacher since 1993, in London, Italy, South Africa and Japan
  • Has a degree in English and Literature and an MA in Personnel & Development
  • Business experience: human resources and project managing

Hayley Clark

  • DELTA qualified English language instructor since 2014
  • BA in Modern Languages and Linguistics
  • Interest & Hobbies: Theatre, Music, Yoga, Wellbeing, Cinema

Nicola Cousins

  • A highly experienced English teacher
  • Taught many Japanese business persons
  • Expertise: General business sector

Mark Davies

  • Has taught General and Academic English in the UK and overseas, including Thailand
  • A degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Having Japanese mother, has deep understanding Japanese cultures

Gabrielle Ewert

  • Has taught since 2008
  • Has worked in Korea and Vietnam, before settling in
    Japan for 7 years
  • A degree in Modern Languages
  • Interest & Hobbies: Art, Photography, Cooking

Auriel Fielder

  • Worked for the British Council
  • Was a TEFL teacher for 4 years
  • Has worked in schools and also in college as a lecturer in Psychology
  • Trained at International House and the Institute of Education, London University

Alastair Hagger

  • A doctoral researcher University of West London
  • Lived in Japan for twelve years, and taught English in language schools, universities and businesses
  • Taught English Language and Literature at IGCSE and A-Level for six years at a private high school in Botswana

Alison Hawkes

  • Has worked as a TV producer and writer before she started teaching
  • Oxford University graduate
  • Expertise: Media and English in academia

Kim Hill

  • 20 years teaching experience
  • Having civil servant work experience and lived in different countries
  • Taught many Japanese and foreign students
  • Expertise: Public sector and learning through conversation

Tuan Hong

  • Teaching and living experience in Japan for 8 years from language school to senior high schools
  • A degree in Graphic & Media design

Trevor Jones

  • An experienced, native speaking English teacher
  • Experts in Business and General English, Teacher Training and English cultural studies
  • Also works for an international English examination organisation
  • Worked in a large UK communications company
  • Expertise: Marketing and Teacher Training

Martyn McGettigan

  • Lots of teaching experience to non natives including Japanese since 2009
  • BA in Classics and an MA in English as a foreign language
  • Taught in Japan CELTA holder

Hannah Morgan

  • Has taught since 2014
  • Has managerial experience in the business sector
  • A degree in Languages and Business Development
  • Experience to live/taught in Japan

David Peat

  • Has taught at school and university in Japan
  • Good at providing the lesson highlighting vocabulary and grammar structures
  • BA in Philosophy
  • CELTA holder

Jon Pettigrew

  • An experienced DELTA teacher with PS English since 2009
  • Has work experience to deal with various foreign investors including Japanese companies
  • Cambridge Japanese Certificate holder
  • Expertise: Business and Economics

Maggie Pettigrew

  • A primary school teacher and a lecturer in colleges specialising in Child Development
  • Also worked as an inspector of colleges and training providers
  • Expertise: Child Education

Lee Prescott

  • Has taught since 2007 including China and Japan
  • An experienced DELTA qualified teacher
  • A degree in English Literature and Culture
  • Interest & Hobbies: History, Politics and Literature

Rachel Read

  • Has taught at various institutions since 2013
  • Spent 3 years in China
  • Degree in English and Linguistics
  • Interest & Hobbies: Piano, Dance and Travel

Gemma Sadowski

  • MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature
  • Has worked in the UK and overseas, including Japan
  • Specialises in helping students improve their pronunciation and general speaking skills

Rob Szeliga

  • BA in Music in the UK and a Masters completed at Tokyo University of the Arts
  • 5 years’ experience teaching in Japan

Dan Williams

  • An experienced English teacher as well as Film Studies teacher
  • Well experienced in different levels including conversations about Japanese and British life
  • Working for PS English since 2010
  • Expertise: Film industry

Our Teacher Guarantee to You

  • We aim to offer high quality, experienced, native speaker teachers. 
  • Occasionally however, we don’t get the matching quite right. We therefore provide a guarantee to you that you can change your teacher at any time if you are not satisfied.
  • For any issues – large or small – you can always contact us to discuss further.

Teach for us

  • Are you an experienced and qualified teacher?
  • Are you looking for short-term or long-term flexible teaching hours?
  • Can you teach at home or travel in London?
  • Do you, preferably, have experience teaching English to Japanese students, either in Japan or in the UK?

If so, please give Peter a call or send your CV to [email protected]. We can provide motivated and reliable Japanese students who require an excellent teacher to help improve their experience in London. If you can provide excellent lessons and receive good feedback from our students, we will be able to provide you with plenty of lesson hours.

I look forward to hearing from you.