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We have a quick, efficient and high-quality proofreading & copyediting service by e-mail.

Our experienced teachers who specialise in many different fields will help you with your writing.  This service is available anytime, 7 days a week.

Example service includes: MBA and university applications, theses and dissertations, better email writing for work

If you are interested in this service, please call or e-mail us and we will give you a reasonable quote depending on the time-frame and the difficulty of the work.

Peter will be delighted to meet you to discuss your written work.

What kind?

  • University dissertations/essays
  • University applications (including MBA)
  • GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS practice essays
  • Work e-mails

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We offer a completely FREE assessment & consultation.

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What Our Students Say

日本人にとって間違いやすいポイントを懇切丁寧に教えてくださったおかげで7.5というスコアを取ることができました。ひとえに経験豊かな先生がこちらの進捗度に合わせ、効果的なアドバイスをくださったおかげです。 ロンドン市外に住んでいるので、Skypeレッスンにしましたが、目標に向けて、苦手の克服に努めることができました。

MK - 学生 (2014)


Price will vary depending on the amount for the number of words. For more information, please contact us.