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PS English Skype Outside London

Calling all Japanese expats living outside London who would like access to some of our experienced teachers offering one-to-one online Skype lessons.

At PS English, we do not just cater for the Japanese community living in London. While it is true that they mainly take face-to-face lessons, we have a growing demand for quality private English lessons with native-English teachers for Japanese located in other UK cities. Whether you’re based in Cambridge, Cardiff, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester or any other UK location, we aim to provide online English lessons for you as well.

In Japan, there is fierce competition between competing eikaiwa schools that solely focus on this way of learning English. Many offer extremely cheap private lessons at times convenient to the learner by often employing non-native speakers. Beginners of English with no real intention or opportunity to live overseas will benefit hugely from these types of private lesson. But are such English lessons enough to feel confident when living and working in a provincial city beyond London, where the benefits of a large Japanese expat community are lacking and where the presence of the local customs and norms are more noticeable?

At PS English, all teachers are native speakers of English with a large majority from the UK. A native speaker will provide a level of accuracy of English that is rarely matched by non-native speakers. A native speaker will know the local customs, idioms and even regional UK accent differences that rarely get taught in the EFL classroom. So we offer the ideal combination: a native speaker together with all the in-depth knowledge of the workings of the English language. This arrangement will help you to practise having natural conversations with exposure to a typical English accent and an ideal model for good pronunciation. We can even try to help you with understanding the local UK accent if it is causing listening difficulties.

Above all, online Skype English lessons are for many people the ultimate in convenience. Students can avoid wasting time travelling to a classroom and enjoy learning from the comfort of their own home. So with autumn approaching, swap milder summer days spent outside with some cosy time inside, hooked up to the internet with some engaging and useful private English lessons!

6th September 2019