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Teaching private English lessons in London & on Skype to Japanese

PS English is a school that specialises in teaching private English lessons in London, primarily for the Japanese community. We also teach on Skype for students around the world. In our 16-year history, we have attracted teachers and tutors from a wide range of backgrounds. Many teachers have lived in Japan teaching English through the JET programme, teaching at Japanese universities or at eikaiwa schools. We value their experience and intricate knowledge of Japanese culture which some of our students enjoy discussing and comparing with British life. For our beginner level students, having just a bit of conversational Japanese ability can put them at ease, though we never stress having Japanese language skills as essential.

That said, not all our teachers come to us with Japanese connections and some of our students value teachers who are not necessarily familiar with Japan. Teachers can have established professions in other fields which complement the lifestyle of a freelance tutor, such as musicians, artists and self-employed businesspeople. Such diverse skills can be brought to the English classroom and actively used to enrich a student’s learning experience.

All of our teachers are native English speakers, which is a criterion demanded from us by our students and all teachers have studied at university, together with holding a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language.

Whether your route to teaching led you to Japan or not, we embrace the ‘eikaiwa’ – English conversation – style of lesson. Speak. Listen. Too many Japanese students have solely studied to read and write in English.

So if you’re thinking about a change of career, or an additional teaching role, PS English might be able to help.

6th August 2018